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get up to 200EUR for each of your foreign drivers by offering


Dendax can claim the tax refund for your foreign truck drivers.

  • We provide our partners with a subsidy for each customer up to 200 EUR.

  • Your foreign truck drivers will happily receive their refund through our easy process


Supporting expats workers all around the globe

Dendax operates internationally and offers tax refund services to hundreds of partners and thousands of happy clients each year.

With 18 years’ experience in the market, we are one of the leading companies in the field.

Let us make you a calculation
Are your employee from EU countries?
Are payrolls managed internally or externally?

Our offer

Every employee has the option to file his tax return in the country where he is
working. However, foreign employees are at a disadvantage because they
might need to provide a lot of paperwork in order to receive all of the
deductions for which they are eligible. This could include child deductions,
husband/wife deductions, mortgage deductions, and more.
Usually, an employer's accountant has very limited options to help foreign
workers due to a lack of language skills and complicated paperwork which
needs to be provided from the employee. 
Dendax will organize all the paperwork needed to properly file the tax return
for the foreign worker, relieving the work from your accountant and providing
you with a subsidy of up to 200 EUR for each worker. Your employee will also
receive a significant refund from the tax office. 
The cooperation with Dendax is smooth and will not require any of your
accountant's extra time. Contact us now to discuss your specific situation.


Dendax is part of Vatecure, a bundle of companies operating worldwide in tax services. 

Vatecure offers trough Dendax, FastVAT and NeoTax a thorough range of tax services which covers any  kind of needs on taxation matters.

FastVAT  is  specialised in the refund of foreign VAT and excise duty for road hauliers.

NeoTax provides h a range of services from payroll, VAT agenda, through entire accounting and tax advisory.

Dendax operates in the field of tax refund, tax deductions and tax returns for 20 countries.

Dendax offers also a special partnership program for payrolls companies, that you can check on our dedicated website.

With more than 20 years of experience, Vatecure is one of the main tax companies in Europe which meets the needs of thousands of tax payers worldwide. Don't hesitate to contact us if you need tax services or if your company is looking for new partners. Our tax specialists will be happy to assist you.